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Monday Morsel

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Billy Bush was sent off in a 1976 tour match when he took revenge for dirty tactics. He was accused of retaliatory rucking, then chased his man for 10 yards to belt him. The team captains persuaded the ref to relent and Bush stayed on the field.

All Blacks in Brisbane

Brisbane may be tough, but....

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Putting a bet on the game this weekend? Don't believe everything you read about Brisbane. It may be tough, but the All Blacks get the job done in Brisbane more than anywhere else in Australia.

All Blacks v Wallabies in Australia:

Total 81 games, Wins 50, Losses 25, Draws 6 (Win Rate 61.7%)

Melbourne 4 games, Wins 2, Losses 2 (Win Rate 50.0%)

Sydney 56 games, Wins 33, Losses 20, Draws 3 (Win Rate 58.9%)

Brisbane 21 games, Wins 15, Losses 3, Draws 3 (Win Rate 71.4%)

Some of the sentiment is skewed by recent matches at Brisbane, and there are plenty of close ones in Brisbane.... 




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