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End of season record
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End of season record

Is it real, or imagined?

Criticism about a poor record in the last game of the season seems to be justified. We look at the All Black record over several time frames:

Last test per year since 1903:
Played 92 tests - 63 wins, 23 losses and 6 draws - for a win rate of 68.5%

All time All Black test record:
Played 565 tests - 436 wins, 109 losses and 20 draws - for a win rate of 77.2%

Last test per year since professionalism in 1996:
Played 21 tests - 15 wins, 5 losses and 1 draw - for a win rate of 71.4%

Professional era All Black test record:
Played 270 tests - 226 wins, 39 losses and 5 draws - for a win rate of 83.7%

So since 1903 we have an overall win rate of 77.2%, compared to a win rate in the last test of the season of 68.5% - a 8.7% differential.

And since professionalism in 1996 we have an overall win rate of 83.7%, compared to a win rate in the last test of the season of 71.4% - a 12.3% differential.

These show a pretty significant difference in success, and verify many of the concerns that exist.

When it comes to points-scoring, during this professional era the average All Black victory is 36.2 for to 16.1 against. But in last test matches per year that average score is 30.1 for to 17.9 against.

So, Steve Hansen has some work to do to overcome the trend of under-performing in the final test of the year. It's real, and it's significant.
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