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Monday Morsel

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Despite popular opinion, when Andy Haden jumped out of the lineout to invoke a penalty against the 1978 Wales team, the referee Roger Quintenton maintains that he awarded the penalty for another foul on Frank Oliver.

The Harlem Globetrotters of Rugby

NZ Rugby World, Issue 189

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In the last decade the All Blacks have become a travelling roadshow. The purpose of these offshore ventures is firstly, a short-term need to make extra cash, and secondly, to grow the profile and value of the brand by taking the All Blacks to new and prosperous markets.

Games played under the ‘official window’ fall under traditional financial arrangements, where NZRU are limited by comparatively small stadia. So NZR has looked to work around the existing system by trying to play tests outside of the official window where they can strike better financial returns.

The policy around new markets began in 2008 when the All Blacks and Wallabies played in Hong Kong. Since this fixture the All Blacks have also appeared in Tokyo and Chicago.

That’s the influence that the All Blacks have – they are in demand in places where rugby is barely played or understood.

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