106-Letters All Black XV to play Fiji

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106 letters is the absolute minimum letters required to name an All Black XV. It's a very inexperienced backline, with just 16 caps and 57.41 Era-Adjusted Caps. But the forward pack boasts 135 caps and 346.31 on an Era-Adjusted basis. And that tight five would provide a pretty good platform for them! Criteria: All Black Test Players, playing in position, with the least number of letters in their name.
1 Ken Gray, 2 Ron Hemi, 3 Bill Bush, 4 Ron King, 5 Bob Duff, 6 Don Max, 7 Sam Cane, 8 Lew Hook, 9 Danny Lee, 10 Ian Dunn, 11 Jim Watt, 12 Jim Ryan, 13 Ben Atiga, 14 Ray Bell, 15 Rex Orr
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Defense wins matches

The All Blacks 2017 record on tries conceded...

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2017 was the All Blacks worst season since 2009. There was much criticism about the team's defensive lapses. So do the stats reflect a decline in defensive standards? Yes.
Average tries conceded were 50% up on last season and well above the trend line for Steve Hansen's regime.
But, in our full article we put this in perspective....